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Avoid These Five Traps In Mortgage With Bad Credit At All Cost

Sub-prime borrowers are offered mortgage with bad credit as a way out of their financial difficulties only to find themselves in greater debt at a later time.
Sub-prime borrowers face a dual problem of troubled cash-flow and many attractive offers by various agencies. In truth, any financial help provided to a person with a poor credit score entails high interest rates. Mortgage with bad credit packages are designed to show a low monthly outgo without highlighting the tenor and interest charged on the scheme. Since the scheme takes care of an immediate need, you, as the borrower could get caught in a long-term debt trap (almost 30 years) paying much more than you had originally borrowed. It is imperative that you understand the offers available and choose a suitable option.
Adjustable rate mortgage
This is a suitable mortgage with bad credit since you have limited money at the time of the purchase. The initial interest is lower to suit your current situation and after a period is adjusted to the normal mortgage. The danger lies in getting settled to the lower interest rate and also involves making a choice that is actually way beyond budget. Once the move to a normal mortgage occurs, you find yourself struggling to keep up with the payment schedule. If there is a fall in the market interest rates, you get the benefit of the reduction. But in the opposite scenario, you risk being a defaulter again.
Fixed rate mortgage
This seems to be the safest choice since you face a fixed installment that you can plan for and avoid a default. This mortgage with bad credit choice is good if the market interest rates can be predicted to be high. But the tenor of your loan will be 20-25 years long and there will be huge interest fluctuations in this time period. You will lose the benefit of reduced interest rates which could be difficult to bear. The attraction here is that you can shift home if you wish to and the mortgage shifts with you. Opt for a lender who can make a good early repayment offer in the scheme.
Interest only mortgage
Sometimes, borrowers take this to mean that they are not paying the principal. The payment includes both the interest and the principal, though the initial payments cover only the interest. Once the principal is added to the payment schedule, the installment doubles or goes higher. If your income does not support this or you haven’t planned carefully your risk is high. This mortgage with bad credit scheme that is attractive at first and later becomes a burden and has the potential of converting you to a defaulter. This may not be a good option for a bad credit situation.
Hybrid mortgage
This tries to offer a mix of fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage with bad credit in its design. The fixed interest rate applies for a long term after which the adjustable rate sets in. The initial interest rate is lower than the market, so if the buyer is able to sell the house before the adjustable interest rate starts, it would save the buyer some money otherwise it is not advisable.